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Вселенная Star Citizen - Система Фора

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Ownership: UEE
Planets: 5
Planetary Orbital Periods: 342 SED (Hyperion)
Import: Luxury Goods, Food, Labor
Export: Silica
Crime Status: Full
Black Market: Narcotics, Pleasure Bots
UEE Strategic Value:

Fora is, for lack of a better description, a known pirate system in UEE space – the only of its kind. Home to Hyperion, a dusty outpost planet, Fora has evolved into a safe zone in an area of space littered with Outsiders and Banu. Pirates, smugglers and worse frequently call the place their home and are largely ignored by the local police garrison.

Terraforming problems left the world awash in perpetual HyperClay dust storms. The stuff coats nearly every surface and has such a low silica content as to be useless for mining purposes. Hyperion has a single landing area, Shoel, and no practical exports. If you’re on the run, though, it’s a good place to hide – bounties rarely reach this area of space.

Other worlds in the system are completely dead, although they make a good hiding place for larger spacecraft. Fora does have one additional point of interest: it is probably the safest area to cross into Banu space undetected. As a result, you are likely to encounter plenty of smugglers in the system’s environs… as well as the occasional UEE special operations team.

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Вселенная Star Citizen - Система Фора
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