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EGmainHQ - Server rules


1. General rules.

1.1. All mods and cheats which increase fighting capacity of ship and/or financial balance are prohibited, i.e. changing engine’s speed and maneuverability, weapons, as well as ‘mining’ (as a way of getting money and weapon), etc.
List of cheats: (subject to be updated):
- cheated maneuverability of ship;
- increasing of speed of engine/thruster/cruise;
- adjusting of characteristics of missiles/torpedoes;
- adjusting characteristics of guns/turrets;
- having mounted any of unavailable in the game weapons/shields/equipment such as nomad laser, uber shields,etc.;
- adjusting armor/shield characteristics of ship;
- using of cloaking device;
- mounting of additional weapons, not available for current ship;
1.1.1. Bugs of Freelancer which increase fighting or/and trading capacity of player are prohibited, i.e. «teleport», etc.

1.2. Allowed mod: EG Main HQ client-mod. Using mods other than allowed is prohibited.

1.3. Using unprintable and/or abusive language in system channel of the chat and in nickname is prohibited.
1.3.1. Insulting in private chat is prohibited.

1.4. Admins have right to execute financial inspections of players and/or clans.

1.5. Purchasing cruisers and destroyers is prohibited except situation, described in article 3.1. Nickname of clan character with a cruiser or destroyer must have tag of registered clan.

1.6. It is prohibited to change character using <F1> key or depart from game at the moment of dangerous playing situation.

1.7. Once an admin takes action against a player on a server, whether it be a warning, banishment, a kick or a ban, that decision is final and not for the remaining players to question. Players who abuse admins will be removed from the server. The admins are there to enforce the rules, whether you like the rules or not.
If you think someone admin is not right you can appeal to senior admin by e-mail or private message.

2. Faction.

2.1. Pilot have free choice, to which faction to be assigned in the beginning of the game (refer to Faction roleplay subsection of EG Main HQ Internet-site). According to chosen faction, pilot obtains correspondent tag. While playing pilot may occasionally or intentionally lose his faction's tag. The exclusion is trade factions, whose tag can not be lost.

2.2. The host faction is defined by tag and colour of nickname, which is seen on radar by other pilots. The colour of nickname can be red (negative reputation), white (neutral reputation) and green (positive reputation).

2.3. List of available for pilots factions and console commands for starting the game for certain faction:

Name of faction

Tag on radar


Police and Navy factions:
Liberty NavyNavy/restart navy
Liberty Security ForceLSF/restart lsf
Liberty Police, Inc.Police/restart lpi
Bretonia Armed ForcesArmed Forces/restart baf
Bretonia Police AuthorityPolice/restart bpa
Kusari Naval ForcesNaval Forces/restart knf
Kusari State PolicePolice/restart ksp
Rheinland MilitaryMilitary/restart rm
Rheinland Federal PolicePolice/restart rp
Pirate factions:
Blood DragonsDragons/restart blood
BundschuhBundschuh/restart bund
CorsairsCorsairs/restart corsair
Farmers AllianceAlliance/restart alliance
GaiansGaians/restart gaians
Golden ChyrsanthemumsGC/restart gold
Lane HackersHackers/restart hacker
Liberty RoguesRogues/restart rogue
LWBLWB/restart lwb
MollysMollys/restart mollys
OutcastsOutcasts/restart outcast
Red HessiansHessians/restart hessian
UnionersUnioners/restart unioner
XenosXenos/restart xenos
Trade factions:
ALG Waste DisposalALG/restart alg
Border World ExportsBowex/restart bowex
Bretonia Mining and MetalsBMM/restart bmm
Gateway ShippingGateway/restart gateway
Cryer PharmaceuticalsCryer/restart cryer
Interspace CommerceInterspace/restart interspace
Daumann Heavy ConstructionDaumann/restart daumann
Kishiro TechnologiesKishiro/restart kishiro
Kruger MineralsKruger/restart kruger
Deep Space EngineeringDSE/restart dse
Synth Foods, Inc.Synth Foods/restart sfi
Orbital Spa and Cruise LinesSpa and Cruise/restart spa
Republican ShippingRepublican/restart republican
Samura IndustriesSamura/restart samura
Universal ShippingUniversal/restart universal
Planetform, Inc.Planetform/restart planetform
Ageira TechnologiesAgeira/restart ageira
HogoshaHogosha/restart hogosha
JunkersJunkers/restart junker
Other factions:
Bounty Hunters GuildBounty Hunters/restart hunter

2.4. In order to improve roleplay some of factions, including The Order, Nomads and Fugitive, are used by EG Main HQ Administration for its own purposes.

3. Clans.

3.1. Clan is a unity of pilots for achieving certain goals. The clan, which is OFFICIALLY REGISTERED on server, gets the following privileges:
- the right of placing order at server's administration for developing clan's home system;
- the right of clan characters to purchase limited quantity of cruisers and destroyers (not more than one ID with cruisers/destroyers per clan and not more than 4 cruisers/destroyers per ID);
- obtaining faction clan tag, enabling administration to adjust reputation to other registered clans according to clan leader's request. Reputaion to standard factions is defined by every clan member individually.
Note. Clan tag will not be seen on radars of pilots, not using EG Main HQ client-mod.

3.2. To officially register clan on EG Main HQ server, clan's leader must submit the following information:
- name of clan;
- clan tag;
- clan site (if exists);
- leaders and diplomats of clan;
- short description, additional information (goals, gameplay rules, etc.).
The essentional condition of official clan's registration is a regular playing on server not less than 5 clan characters. Information about clans can be found at Clans subsection of EG Main HQ Internet-site.

3.3. Rules of using clan tag:

3.3.1. Nickname of clan character must have the following format: [tag]nickname or [tag]nickname[rank] (for clans stipulating military rank of character). It is prohibited to use clan tag in nickname by a pilot who is not a member of the clan.

3.3.2. Clan member may have several characters (both clan and non-clan). Clan member, using non-clan character (without tag in nickname), must follow Rules for usual characters.

3.3.3. Character of clan, which has not yet passed the registration procedure on server, must follow the Rules for usual characters, despite of the clan tag in nickname.

3.4. Home system is developed according to the wishes of clan's leader with taking into account some limitations from server's administration, implemented in order to save balance in the game. The cost of development of the system is not fixed and depends on difficulty level and a number of objects.

4. Addition to the rules during tournaments, races and others games.

4.1. Rules of tournaments, races and other games are to be announced additionally. During the game, console informs about it the rest of the pilots, not participating the game.

4.2. Pilots not participating the game are prohibited to have any relations with players with special game tags in their nicknames. Particularly, it is prohibited to attack, impede or help mentioned above players, provide trading operations, make lines to portals, etc.

4.3. For violation article 4.2, pilot not participating the game, may be banned from server until the end of the game.

4.4. Pilots participating the game are prohibited to accept help from players not participating the game, as well as attack them.

4.5. For violation article 4.4 of this paragraph, pilot participating the game, may be disqualified and removed from the game.

5. Punishment

5.1. For violation of articles 1.1 and 1.1.1.:
first time — ban of all ID's including created during ban period for 2 days;
second time – ban of all ID's including created during ban period for a term from two week to one month at admin's disposal;
third time — ban of IP address forever.
In case of aggravating circumstances (e.g. killing pilot with cheated weapons) admin has right to apply much severe punishmen.

5.2. For violation of article 1.2 (using side mods):
first time — ban of all ID's including created during ban period for 2 days;
second time – ban of all ID's including created during ban period for a term from two week to one month at admin's disposal;
third time — ban of IP address forever.
In case of aggravating circumstances (e.g. killing pilot with non-standard weapons) admin has right to apply much severe punishmen.

5.3. For violation of article 1.3: locking at Alaska system for the period from one week to three month (at admin's disposal) and fine at admin's disposal. Multiple violations of article 1.3: punishment at admin's disposal, right up to ban.
5.3.1. Multiple violations of article 1.3.1: punishment at admin's disposal, right up to ban.

5.4. For violation of article 1.5: : punishment at admin's disposal.

5.5. For violation of article 1.6: fine at admin's disposal, but not more than 20 million credits. Multiple violations of article 1.6: punishment at admin's disposal, right up to ban.

5.6. For violation of article 3.3.1: punishment apply from the leader of the clan, whose tag was illegally used.

5.7. Any try to create new character on ID which is currently locked at Alaska system or new ID: ban of IP address for the time at admin's disposal.

5.8. Punishment extends to all characters of ID, except punishments for violation 1.5 and 3.3.1.



EG MAIN HQ Administration
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EGmainHQ - Server rules
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