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Канал Kerbal Space Program: «Новости KSP.»
 2075 EGP

Рейтинг канала: 7(550)
Репутация: 378
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Откуда: Моск.
Зарегистрирован: 12.10.2004
Вышла версия 1.1 “Turbo Charged”.
Доступна в Стиме, на сайте KSP и в скором будущем - в GOG.
Краткий список изменений:

  • Переход на движок Unity5, значительно увеличивший производительность. Одновременно вернулись 64-битные билды под все платформы. C KSPStore качается сборка, содержащая оба экзешника!
  • UI переписан на унифицированный UI Unity5. Много удобных изменений в разных местах (включая поиск по деталям) и сильное упрощение разработки для мододелов.
  • Встроена KSPedia с информацией по всем аспектам и данным игры.
  • Изменён туториал и значительно расширен список сценариев. Будем надеяться, что туториалы станут более доступны новичкам.

 Полный адовый чейнжлог под катом - для интересующихся.   (кликните здесь для просмотра)

  • KSP now runs on Unity5, a massive upgrade from Unity4.

    New UI:
  • The game UI has been completely rebuilt from the ground up on Unity's new native UI system.
  • All UI components and graphics have been improved or reworked to look and feel as they did before.
  • Removed expensive render-texture driven rendering scheme from before, expect performance increases everywhere.
  • The map view splines have been significantly overhauled, massively increasing performance on map view.
  • Map View orbit splines now fade gradually towards the trailing side to indicate orbit direction.
  • Completely revised MapView icons implementation for a much cleaner and faster solution that is much more expandable and robust.
  • Added search field in Editors.
  • Crew Portraits in flight scroll smoothly, allow tweaking how many are displayed at once, show extra crewmember info on hovering.
  • Part Temperature gauges reworked and given new graphics.
  • Fixed IVA atmosphere gauges to match the UI gauge.
  • Fix altitude tumbler saturation when under physical warp.
  • Fix negative funds/science, display bugs with strategies affecting costs.
  • Action group cluster buttons (gear, lights, sas, rcs) disable with loss of control source (probe without EC, empty pod, etc).
  • Landing gear button detects state of landing gear/legs during rollout (no gear or all gear up, and the light will be off).
  • The tooltip on the EVA button is now much more verbose if there is a problem.
  • Fix some bugs with building unlock abilities text.
  • Fix craft thumbnail saving for special characters.
  • Astronaut complex and editor action group part names now display the title, rather than the internal part ID.
  • All ModuleResource entries now print the same way, offer additional flexibility there for printing (non-default units, SI prefixes).
  • Auto-warp (eg, warp to point in orbit and warp to next morning) can be canceled via the GUI (warp triangles or next morning button).
  • Date/time formatting is now in a replaceable interface and can be customized by mods.
  • True anomaly is now always in radians.
  • Tweakables get locked along with Events.
  • Update community link in main menu to point directly to new forum.
  • Sped up cheat menu delays, and made them autohide cheat menus if held down twice as long.
  • Filter debug menu cheats by game mode.
  • Part highlighting now respects F2 (hide UI).

  • Enhanced ocean water surface shader in Kerbin, Eve and Laythe, greatly reduces visible tiling, and looks much more watery.
  • Most parts have been upgraded to use Unity5's new PBR lighting model for more subtle, nuanced lighting.
  • Editor interior lighting was redone for all interior scenes, using Unity's new lightmapping engine.
  • Improved underwater FX tinting/fogging system.
  • Moved underwater tinting into the atmosphere shader.
  • Improved atmospheric halo/corona at low altitude thanks to blackrack/SkyToneMapper.

  • Added Interior Overlay View mode, draws the interior spaces of a vessel on top of the normal external view.
  • All IVA spaces revised and improved to look good in IVA Overlay mode.
  • Masking geometry added to IVA spaces so they aren't visible from nonsensible angles or show backface geometry.
  • Fixed incorrect sun light direction in IVA space.
  • Added new IVA model for the Mk2 inline cockpit.


  • Completely overhauled wheels, landing gears and landing legs with a new from-scratch modular implementation.
  • Bespoke wheels physics, largely replaces PhysX's stock vehicle physics model.
  • Greatly improved tire friction model and general handling.
  • Wheel damage module/model which does not require damage meshes to work. All wheels (including landing gear) can now be damaged from overstress.
  • Steering model features true Ackermann steering.
  • Steering model is much smarter in relation to wheel placement on the vessel, requiring much less tinkering to line up steering on multiple wheels.
  • Wheel Motor module drains resources in proportion to torque output, as opposed to the old fixed EC drain when driving.
  • Wheel Motor module features automatic, tweakable, overrideable traction control.
  • Wheel friction is also tweakable.
  • Suspensions are smart and self-adaptive, tuning themselves to always be smooth and springy independently of vessel mass and weight distribution.
  • New Extra-Large 6-wheeled landing gear.
  • Fix Unity bug that prevents us from ignoring collisions between wheel colliders and parts on the same vessel by disabling wheels that are within a certain range of other parts on a vessel. Where this sphere is and how large it is are configurable in the settings file.
  • Add clipping/blocking indicator to wheels.
  • Added ability to toggle wheel suspension.
  • Balanced spring, damper, and damage ratios for all gears, wheels, and legs.
  • Use suspension displacement for true wheel load, rather than contact depth.
  • Differentiate impact and deflection stress in wheel damage modules.
  • Re-exported all wheels with proper collision layers that ignore their own housing colliders, and other wheels.
  • Destroy wheels when not in use, recreate when necessary.
  • Clip tips of landing legs when wheel colliders exist, to prevent them from hitting before the collider and blowing up the part.
  • Added identifier to wheels, now that legs, gears, and wheels are all the same module.
  • Fixed Unity 5 upgrade making our landing legs tiny.
  • Reset wheel caliper when steering goes inoperative.
  • Fix ground detection issues with wheels.
  • Doubled bogey range of landing leg feat, to get them to properly line up with the ground.
  • Added game event when wheels are repaired.
  • Made wheel grounded state, and type persistent, so contracts could access landed states.
  • Allow deployment standin colliders to work with our new collision manager.

    New Stock Vessels:
  • VAB
    - Jumping Flea
    - AeroEquus
    - ComSat Lx
    - GDLV3
    - Kerbal 1
    - Kerbal 1-5
    - Orbiter One
    - PT Series Munsplorer
    - Science Jr.
  • SPH
    - Bug-E Buggy Rover
    - Crater Crawler Rover
    - Prospector Rover

  • All tutorials have either been updated for 1.1 or completely rewritten, and some new ones have been added. The flight and editor tutorials have been replaced by six new tutorials.
    - Basic Construction/Getting Started covers the KSC itself and simple vessel construction.
    - Basic Flight covers launching that vehicle on a simple flight.
    - Intermediate Construction covers building a suborbital craft and adding science instruments, fuel, etc.
    - Suborbital Flight covers flying that vessel, using science parts, and reentry.
    - Advanced Construction covers building an orbit-capable craft, including tweakables, solar panels, batteries, multiple stages, different engine types, etc.
    - Go For Orbit covers flying that craft to orbit (gravity turns, circularization, etc).
    - Orbit 101 and Science Basics have been fixed to use 1.1-correct code and information.
    - The Mun tutorials are replaced by three new Mun tutorials: one that covers
      - trans-munar injection and Munar orbit insertion
      - landing on the Mun (including reverse gravity turns)
      - taking off from the Mun and returning to Kerbin (and how to EVA on another world).

    - Docking and the two asteroid tutorials have been fixed to use 1.1-correct code and information.
    - Disable saving and loading in tutorials.
    - Can blacklist scenarios/tutorials from showing up by editing a public static list of filenames.
    - Add a direction target and a position target for use in tuts and elsewhere.
    - Fix an issue where the player could create saves that overwrite tutorials and scenarios.

  • Added several new scenarios and upgraded the old ones.
    - Land the Dynawing on the runway.
    - Experience a fiery re-entry with the Dynawing from Kerbin orbit.
    - Beat SpaceX at their own game by landing a flyback booster at the KSC, boat not included.
    - Return from Duna in a very basic vessel (no heat shield!).
    - Traverse the Mun with the Crater Crawler roving base.
    - Enjoy the low gravity delights of Gilly.
    - Aerobrake at Jool, then explore the Jool system.
    - Look for ore on Eeloo.
    - Top up your tanks at Minmus.
    - Fly the new Aeris4A from Space Station 1.

  • A new UI which features all-new content explaining every aspect of the game in depth.
    - Access via AppLauncher button
    - Tree of Screens down left
    - Navigation buttons across top for Forward and Back

  • Symmetry partner action groups now propagate when removing/replacing parts in the editor.
  • Symmetric partners no longer get "lost" during build.
  • Offset and rotation gizmos now work properly for radial symmetry forks.
  • Fix improper symmetry propagation when building singular wings, then mirror attaching in SPH.
  • Fix node/stack attach in editor to connect proper nodes (especially with thin parts and cargo bays).
  • Editor now displays preference for surface attach first, then node/stack attach.
  • Multiple changes for re-root tool. New text message and ability to re-root arbitrary part branches (merged, subassembly, and branches in stand-by).
  • Editor now selects proper root for merged craft that have been re-rooted.
  • Fix offset gizmo when using on parts attached to hollow parts such as cargo bays, service bays, and structural fuselages.
  • Offset gizmo now allows slightly larger offset distance when holding Shift.
  • WASDQE no longer corrupts rotations when using the offset tool.
  • Parts rotated with rotate gizmo now properly maintain rotation when removed or copied.
  • Make editor gizmo input locks matter.
  • Make a public property for which action group is selected in the editor.
  • Fixed a part highlighting issue when moving the mouse from child to parent part.
  • Fixed an issue when copying ghosted parts and attaching them to the main ship.
  • Engineer Report recognizes new wheels.
  • Fixed part action group editor highlights disappearing at odd times.

    Map View:
  • Touched up the colors of all icons and orbits in map view.
  • Warp To Next Day now functions in every scene, including the tracking station, and deals properly with inclination.
  • Contract waypoints revised to run on Unity 5 canvases, and generally look more consistent with the other icons on the map.
  • Saved vessels with maneuver nodes set in the future will now alternate between displaying their MET and the time until their next maneuver node in the tracking station.
  • Fixed coordinate display to properly wrap around east/west.
  • Split map control lock into two different ones (MAP_UI and MAP_TOGGLE).
  • Changing camera angle and zoom no longer causes AN/DN lines to disappear (as much)
  • Maneuver nodes can be placed on nearly any orbit patch.
  • Targeting information is now available when on an escaping trajectory.
  • Encounter information now accurately portrays the target's position at time of intercept when the target is on a flyby: the position markers will be in the correct SoI.
  • Point at which celestial bodies' meshes are disabled is now tunable in plugins.
  • Orbit line fading can be controlled in Settings.
  • Conic patches when leaving an SoI are now correct.
  • Many drunken relative mode patches fixed.
  • Moving a maneuver node that has been set to a future orbit no longer loses track of the setting.
  • "Warp to here" and maneuver node placement work on all patches prior to the first maneuver node, not just the patch on which the manuever node has been placed.
  • Fix a bug where entering an SoI with an existing manuever node would not allow the above anyway.

    Contracts and Milestones:
  • Contract types are now weighted, this means as you accept a contract type, it will become more common over time, and appear more often in mission control. As you decline them, they will become less common.
  • Satellite contracts no longer utilize waypoints to display node information. They use a regular orbit renderer, and animate the spline to show the direction of the orbit.
  • Flybys for tourism contracts and flyby milestones now trigger properly on unfocused vessels.
  • Science milestones and contracts now respond to lab and orbital surveyor transmissions.
  • Contextual contracts that ask you to add an amount of something to a vessel now display the current amount that the vessel has.
  • MiniISRU now counts as ISRU for contract requests.
  • Station contracts no longer consider asteroids a vessel is docked to when deciding if it is "new".
  • Contextual contracts no longer generate on active vessels.
  • Manned vessels with no crew and unmanned vessels with no power do not generate contextual surveys.
  • Part test parts are now also highlighted in the technology tree.
  • The mobile base contract objective now actually checks if the base is sitting on motorized wheels.
  • Fix some contextual contracts mis-identifying certain vessels.
  • Add part test subject for new inflatable heat shield.
  • Hide failure penalties on contracts that cannot be failed.
  • Fix survey contracts displaying waypoints for cancelled contracts.
  • Contracts recognize new wheels modules.
  • Slightly reworded focused and contextual survey briefings for grammar and readability.
  • Fix crew sensitive game progression not being applied in some cheats.

  • Use absolute path for Physics.cfg, fixes some path-related bugs.
  • Fix a bug with drag cubes and skinned mesh renderers.
  • Resources take heat with them on transfer.
  • Disable Aero FX when thermo debug colors is enabled.
  • Support (correctly) making occlusion change convective coefficient not temperature.
  • Fix sun-based temperature curves to properly deal with tilt (basing it off true anomaly) and vary with latitude.
  • Make Eve's upper atmosphere slightly gentler.
  • Tune engine exhaust heating.
  • Rework blackbody glow slightly for more flexibility and less obvious glow.
  • Speed up buoyancy calculations.
  • Fix an issue with moment of inertia calculations thanks to the kOS and RemoteTech teams.

  • Splashed vessels touching or with kerbals standing on them no longer warp to the ocean floor when loading.
  • Debris that gets automatically cleaned up in the space center will now attempt to recover for funds, science, reputation, and crew. Free launch clamps!
  • Extended range for switching vessels in-flight.
  • Fix an issue with vessel destruction and vessel markers.
  • Vessels within physics range of active vessel are no longer deleted during quickload.
  • Fix for kerbals entering zombie state when crashing and/or ragdolling in external command seat.
  • Refactor asteroid spawning to remove duplicate code, fire events.
  • A vessel's root part overhanging the edge of the launchpad no longer causes the vessel to be forced into the pad.
  • The root part's cached transform is now set correctly, fixing some issues with loading vessels.
  • Vessel spawn dialog automatically selects "Auto-Saved Ship" when brought up.
  • Vessel spawn dialog automatically tries to put a pilot in the first seat of a vessel.
  • Fix vessel spawn dialog not properly sorting in some instances.
  • Add Vessel.LandedInKSC in a centralized location.

  • Integrated the Probodobodyne HECS2, Communotron HG-55, and OX-STAT-XL Photovoltaic Panels from the Asteroid Day official addon.
  • Part search has been integrated with a new part tagging feature that lets part configuration files be tagged with arbitrary meta data.
  • Every part in the game tagged with arbitrary meta data, to make them more easily searchable.
  • Parts are autotagged with certain tags based on their physical characteristics, so even new parts and untagged modded parts are searchable to some extent.
  • Launch clamps now use raycasts instead of collisions to determine where they are landed.
  • Added toggle option action group for fuel cells.
  • Move radial drogue parachute to Survivability, with the first heat shield.
  • Tweak heat and aero stress resistance of drogue parachutes.
  • Added flight control authority tweak (which also allows inverted control).
  • Antenna now retain their state after transmitting (i.e. extended antenna stay extended).
  • Fix a bug in parachutes that will not go from active to deployed if below deploy alt if they were not at semi-deploy pressure.
  • Fix for guiActiveUncommanded being ignored when building part action windows.
  • Airbrakes now properly retain their deployed state when rolling out or quickloading.
  • Added callback support when changing a button on a part action window.
  • Fix issue with the Twin Boar not providing roll control.
  • Add warning to non-retractable solar panel descriptions that they can't.
  • Fix bug with rescaleFactor of not 1.0 and MODEL nodes.
  • IPartMassModifier now affects part mass as well as display. PartModules should not set mass directly.
  • Added an inflatable heat shield. This combines excellent aerobraking with a reasonable level of thermal tolerance (though it is not ablative).
  • Reaction Wheels can be set to respond to input from SAS Only, Pilot Only, or both.
  • Added keybinding for part searching in the editor.
  • Add ten part search algorithms, controlled by prefixing each tag with a symbol.
  • Enable the EVA button on parts with noAutoEVA if they are single part vessels, like recovery craft.
  • attachRules now have an 8th flag: allowRoot (defaults to 1). If it is 0, the part can neither be the first part placed, nor become the root part using the reroot tool.

    Part Modules:
  • Save/Load (and KSPField) support for VesselModules.
  • Fix issues with ModuleRCS where some fields weren't hooked up right.
  • Added staging toggle support to all our stageable modules.
  • Support different portions of thrust per transform in ModuleEngines.
  • Force a dragcube update when ModuleJettison jettisons.
  • Correct typo in ModuleAnimateGeneric field names.
  • Allow ModuleAblator to create a resource as it consumes the ablator (i.e. cracked ablator).
  • Fix an issue with ModuleLight and symmetry.
  • Default engines to working while shielded.
  • Control surface actuation speed lerps now, like other speeds, instead of being displaced by a constant delta.
  • Fix an issue with engines not properly saving throttle.
  • Fix issue with engines disabling when below "sea level" on bodies with no ocean.
  • Docking ports no longer become unusable if saved when acquiring, and automatically recover when loading from old saves.
  • The grapple is more robust when grabbing the active vessel.
  • Added an option to ModuleAnimateGeneric that allows animations to be disabled after a single execution in flight mode.
  • You can now customize the menu name shown for ModuleDecouple.
  • You can now customize the menu name for jettisoning a fairing.
  • ModuleJettison now defaults to 'Jettison Shroud' for its menu name
  • Fixed an issue in ModuleReactionWheel where EC was being drained when input was being received from the player even if SAS was off.
  • Both deployable and non-deployable radiators have an option to activate/deactivate cooling (and corresponding EC consumption).
  • Fixed a regression where static radiators were not respecting their parent/sibling cooling limitations.
  • Gimbal reworked. Supports explicit +/-X, +/-Y ranges. Can enable/disable pitch, yaw, roll activation. Fix gimbal not working when an engine is activated rather than staged. Fix gimbal to use gimbal transform not part origin when computing inversing inputs.
  • RCS and Gimbals can now have actuation toggled per axis.
  • Engines and RCS now support thrust curves (based on percentage of propellant remaining).
  • Fixed an issue with exhaust heating and non-full-physics parts.
  • Fixed target speed running away when grappling onto a targeted vessel.
  • Fixed easting coordinates not wrapping properly for ISRU instruments.
  • Changed the method for deploying control surfaces. Mirror attached parts deploy mirrored, Radial attached parts deploy radially.
  • Flight control deployment direction is no longer dependent on CoM, so they will not flip or jitter in-flight.
  • Fixed a bug in FXAnimateThrottle and multiple animator components.
  • Alternators default to not showing their resource bars, instead showing effective output rate.
  • Fix bug when attempting to transmit more science while antenna animation is playing.
  • Fix bug when attempting science experiment in incorrect locations causing the "run experiment" option to disappear.
  • Fix bug with "Transmit Science" option disappearing when transmission aborts.
  • UI_FloatEdit, UI_ScaleEdit and UI_ChooseOption field attributes (tweakables) added.
  • All field UI controls now have an optional callback and can be made to not fire GameEvents.onEditorVesselModified event.

    Science Labs:
  • Vessels can now utilize multiple labs at once.
  • Labs no longer duplicate science data.
  • Labs with science can now be recovered for science.
  • Lab button on experiment results dialog always shows if a lab is present, but greys out when it cannot be used.
  • When a lab cannot be used, a very specific reason is shown in the lab button's tooltip.
  • Lab button tooltip no longer shows just data amounts, but rather the total data, science you will get, and how long it will take to get it (based on current data load)
  • Lab processing is now instantaneous
  • Fixed a few lab errors that were displaying despite actions being successful.
  • Science Labs now have 750 units of data storage to account for large return values from Eeloo

  • Clamshell fairings, fixed fairing bugs. Thanks to xEvilReeperx for inspiration!
  • Fix fairing center of lift placement.
  • Fix infinite recursion state when attaching inverted fairings together
  • Fix interstage fairings not connecting/closing nearby overlapping parts.
  • Fix interstage "cannot activate while stowed" issue when decoupling with intact fairing.
  • Fix fairing not wanting to close in the editor if the wall ever detected a collision.
  • Increased fairing transparency in editor when fairing is in standby.
  • Fix editor lockup when copying an interstage fairing.
  • Fairings now use two collider systems.
  • Fairing connection node can now be specified in the .cfg file.

    Resources and ISRU:

  • Fixed a bug where resource data was unavailable in the Tracking Center.
  • Converted the Narrow Band Scanner to a Unity 5 UI.
  • Drills should be less prone to shutdown due to physics hops.
  • Fixed a drag cube issue with deployable drills that caused them to always be treated as if they were in their extended state.
  • Fixed an issue where, upon load, radiators would be extremely hot due to core heat.
  • Fixed a bug where resource data would be persisted when saves were changed without re-loading the game.
  • Drills now respect InfiniteElectricity and InfinitePropellant cheats. Note that for resource converters, toggling infinitePropellant removes ALL input requirements. This is to better facilitate modder testing.
  • Resources now have a volume field (in liters) that can be used by modders where volume calculations are required vs. mass.
  • ModuleResourceConverter can now be configured to take inputs in mass (metric tons) vs. units.
  • Condense infinite resource cheats into Infinite Propellant and Infinite Electricity.
  • Drill action group names now consistent with right-click options.

    Miscellaneous Improvements & Fixes:

  • Added new Save Upgrading system, automatically upgrades save data from previous version formats into 1.1 and beyond.
    - Added Wheel save data upgrade script
    - Added part offset upgrade scripts for LT-1, LT-2 and SmallGearBay parts
  • Comments can now be directly injected into the debug log.
  • Added a new cheat to enable stock vessel usage in career mode saves
  • KSP's logging now intercepts log calls from child threads as well. In addition, the log now includes basic information about what mod DLLs are loaded and what folders/files exist in the root of GameData.
  • Cached the components of most animated kerbals, like EVA kerbals or the space center ground crew, much more efficient implementation.
  • Many, many performance optimizations. Some thermal things are now cached in part or precalculated, gauges refactored, slight PQS improvement.
  • ITorqueProvider interface to identify modules that create torque.
  • Events for part resource flow state, amount state change.
  • Add events for going to/from, saving/loading protovessel/crew/part/progressnode.
  • Science experiments can have optional cooldown timers. They can be set to not work when shielded.
  • Facility upgrades have more fields and methods exposed for modding.
  • Fix an issue with ConfigNode.ParseVector2 not returning one.
  • Fix so that all GameParameters are respected.
  • Fix an issue with parsing ulong enums.
  • Add a debug override to enable quicksaving even when not clear to save.
  • Fix a bug with events that remove themselves (was killing docking and other things).
  • Add event when vessel reference transform changes.
  • Add type-based contains and get to PartModuleList.
  • Fix light dimming/brightening rates to use proper .cfg values.
  • Warp-to-morning fixed for inclined launch sites. Now warps to a specified time of day regardless of inclination/tilt.
  • Fix mysterious bright spots on the terrain with certain vessels.
  • Crawlerway and SPH now properly report their names when being crashed into.
  • The auto-deletion of debris at KSC can be turned off (settings menu)
  • Long saves (> 68 Earth years, 233 Kerbin years) no longer cause negative dates. The date is good for over 140Gyr (though other problems will manifest)
  • Quick-loading via alt-F9 a save made in the space center now returns to the space center if the save is not too ancient (pre 0.24).
  • Fix issue with certain airlock hatches not properly detecting obstructions.
  • Fix an issue with settings.cfg not properly importing or updating from previous installs.
  • Added a "Return to 1x time warp" keybinding, default is /
  • Fix instances where kerbals could sometimes not plant flags after bounding on low-g worlds.
  • Add Config Node Extensions and other nice parsing additions thanks to stupid_chris
  • Allow crew respawn time to be configured globally and per part the crew dies in.
  • Fix a serious issue with PPFX not properly disabling thanks to Agathorn.
  • Added a rolling list of save backups for auto saves and quick saves. Defaults to five backups.
  • Cached component calls in many areas of the game.
  • Made onCollisionEnhancerHit an actual game event.
  • Added Mouse.HoveredPart, and utilized it in many scenes to have a more consistent way to select parts without doing lots of performance intensive raycasts.
  • Added utility to CameraManager to grab the current relevant camera regardless of mode and scene.
  • Add HighLogic.CurrentGame.CurrenciesAvailable, which flags when all currency scenarios for the current mode are up.
  • Max Experience cheat recognizes new UI elements.
  • Slight optimizations to KerbalRoster.
  • Added ability to cancel build of compound parts (struts and fuel lines) using Delete.
  • Fixed "open/close" right-click actions for SciJr while on EVA.
  • Added ability to open and close SciJr doors from the ship (to control thermal issues during reentry).
  • Fixed issue with splashed vessels being deleted when entering physics range when using NBS.
  • Fixed NaNs on hyperbolic solar trajectories.

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Kerbal Space Program patch 1.1.1 is now live!


Большое количество правок в игре, в т.ч. и багов.
Обновлен движок игры.

 v1.1.1   (кликните здесь для просмотра)
* Added FlightUI Element Scaling and Navball Position Slider.
* Added auto-struts to every wheel, similar to fairing payload struts. They attach to the most massive part on the vessel. This prevents wheel suspensions from becoming unstable when the wheel is attached to a weaker part. (Attaching legs to pylons no longer causes vessels to bounce and/or break dance.)
* Fix suspension distance and offset being inversely proportional to the rescaleFactor of a wheel. Fixes LT-1 and LT-2 leg suspensions actually getting smaller despite scale being larger, causing them to visually sink into the ground, and have shorter useful suspensions.
* Some configuration tweaks suggested by GoSlash27 for the free and fixed landing gears have been integrated, which dramatically improve issues with instability on those gears. Thank you GoSlash27!
* Fixed some model hierarchy issues with small and medium retractable landing gears, which fixes some odd suspension forces, an animation issue, and the inability to lock the suspension on these gears.
* Raise the default integration substeps on wheels from 4 to 8, which should dramatically improve the accuracy of the wheel simulation without affecting performance too much.
* Added separate settings for wheel integrator substep accuracy for active and inactive vessels, which can be tweaked in each wheel's part configuration, or globally from settings.cfg. Inactive vessels get slightly less accuracy to improve performance.
* "No crash damage" cheat now prevents wheels from blowing up their parts due to gratuitously large impacts. It does not, however, prevent the wheel from entering the damaged state.
* Halved the deflection magnitude of free and fixed gears, as they are technically much more rigid than other gears, but their lack of suspension travel makes them much more vulnerable to deflection stress, making them twice as tough.
* Performed significant optimisation of performance intensive areas such as part attaching and dettaching.
* Implemented general optimisation throughout editor.
* Implemented automatic temporary symmetry when the logic expects the symmetry mode or method to be different. I.e when placing engines on tri-couplers in SPH using mirror mode. Fixes part initialization issues.
Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
* Made Kerbal Portrait and ScreenMessage lists public.
* Show complete cost (base cost + module cost) in part tooltips in editor.
* Add optional PQS shader using all mappings (for modders).
* Tweak skin<->internal conduction, slightly increase internal max temps of Mk1 cockpits.
* No longer spam the log when parsing plugin data.
* Tweak default exhaust heating upwards slightly.
* Change building impact damage to be based on kinetic energy by default, not momentum. Make damage configurable in Physics.cfg. Fixes an issue with building damage and wheels.
* Improve orbit calculation when in 1x warp. Orbit info no longer flickers.
* Show specified rather than calculated sea level temperature when viewing a planet's page in the knowledge base window in map view.
* Add more checks (flameout or port disabled) to RCS's Torque Provider.
* Optimizations to vessel stat-finding and orbital force calculations.
* Add the missing extension method, uncomment the bits that needed it
* Admin facility now with vertical scrolling.
* Adjusted Career Widget Z Pos for higher scaling.
* Restore part delete sound when deleting parts in editor.
* Considerable tweaks to building damage to avoid wheels insta-popping them.
* Renamed the editor filter for Surface Attach to Surface Attach Only to avoid confusion.
* Optimized getGeeForceAtPosition to not recalculate things it shouldn't.
* Increased stability in orbital calculation when off rails.
* Added UI Element scaling for all in-flight UI elements.
* Removed a fix for a 5.1.1 unity bug which had a unefficient complexity.
* Check if the body has an ocean before checking if we're under water!
* Removed text length on input device name.
* Fixed NRE from Underwater Fog.
* Fixed gigantor solar panel showing through the main craft.
* Fixed a bug with science lab science/day display.
* Fixed where the target could be unset in tutorials.
* Fixed latitude not displaying in AeroGUI.
* Fixed an issue where missing directories could break save/load.
* Fixed an exception in Procedural Fairing interstages.
* Fixed inability to timewarp near Jool.
* Fixed some miscellaneous tutorial bugs.
* Fixed an issue with RequestResource on EVA kerbals.
* Fixed an issue with the underwater FX applying even if the body does not have an ocean.
* Fixed issue with decouple action firing jettison in ModuleJettison.
* Fixed lab display rate to count scientist multiplier.
* Fixed memory leak in part highlighter and attach node icon destruction.
* Fixed inability to target things by using map context menu.
* Fixed targeting being improperly locked in map view.
* Fixed typo in science tutorial.
* Fixed an oversight when computing duration/deadline text.
* Fixed for NRE in UIPartActionController
* Fixed colour tint on some parts.
* Fixed multiple docking port joint weakness.
* Fixed KSPedia page corruption from switching scenes.
* Fixed issue with decouple action on jettison.
* Fixed Ap/Pe flickering.
* Fixed an issue where scientist bonus was counted twice in labs.

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Kerbal Space Program patch 1.1.2 is now live!


Перед тем, как отправиться в отпуск после аврала, разработчики выпустили патч по фиксации ещё одной серии актуальных багов.

 v1.1.2   (кликните здесь для просмотра)
* Fixed an issue with triggers and convexity in loading models.
* Fixed exception in the Stage Only mode of Vessel Resources panel.
* Fixed for LT-1 and LT-2 landing legs causing a physics jerk when retracting.
* Fixed an issue where some vessels might explode on go to pad (introduced in 1.1.1).
* Fixed an issue with PQS shader accessibility.
* Optimized moment of inertia calculations and some matrix operations.
* Fixed an issue with an offset in the small landing gear part.
* Optimized drag calculations.
* Made wheel autostrutting more configurable.
* Fixed some display issues in KSPedia.
* Fixed an issue in FlightLogger regarding reverting / loading saves.
* Increased brake torque tweakable's upper limit to 200%.
* Added editor tweakables for spring and damper strength for suspension.
* Removed non-working "disable suspension" tweakable.
* Fixed issue with popup dialogs sharing the same title which broke game loading when loading multiple vessels all lacking parts.
* Removed unneeded image effects on UI camera for increased performance.
* Fixed issue where IVA field of view changes applied to flight camera on exiting IVA.
* Remove some garbage creation in Part.Update.
* Fixed an issue where Kerbals on EVA rescue contracts weren't fully destroyed if the contract was not done. Added a check to clear any 'empty' EVA'd Kerbal vessels in existing saves.
* Fixed an issue where Kerbals were able to be renamed through KB.

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А тем временем 1.1.3...

 изменения   (кликните здесь для просмотра)
* Fixed game crashing during deletion of parts under certain conditions.
* Fixed Gizmos buttons not properly highlighting after loading a craft.
* Fixed Fuel tank Part Action Window sliders to dynamically update symmetry partners when adjusted in editor.
* Fixed frozen parts showing up in front of the main vessel.
* Fixed fairings being see-through when a part inside or behind is highlighted.
* Fixed certain fairing configurations causing inputlocks.
* Fixed interstage fairing panels not being properly deleted when an interstage is removed from the ship.
* Fixed Abnormal lighting and contrast.
* Fixed Re-rooting and attaching frozen parts causing improper part selection.
* Fixed an exception in FXModuleAnimateThrottle when in the editor.
* Fixed inputlock preventing pressing [Delete] key from deleting a part.
* Subassemblies can now be used as the start of a craft (fixes editor being non-responsive).
* CoM indicator now accounts for mass of physicsless parts added to parent.
* "Ground Crew" option now toggles off all animated components of VAB/SPH. Fixes increased CPU Load and Temp.
* "Place" gizmo now provides onscreen message in editor to be consistent with other gizmos.

* Fixed Circular Orbit Ap/Pe jump on exiting timewarp.
* Fixed on-rails SoI transition message to properly report both SoIs.
* Greatly reduce Apoapsis/Periapsis changing with no input, with thanks to ferram4 and eggrobin. option is toggleable in Settings->Gameplay and tunable in Physics.cfg.
* Lower the thresholds for floating origin shift and krakensbane when above the inverse rotation threshold, and use doubles when recomputing velocity during change (and do so immediately rather than via PhysxX).
* GetEccentricAnomaly now correctly returns negative eccentric (hyperbolic) anomaly values when the true anomaly is before the hyperbola's periapsis, and should be more numerically stable.
* GetEccentricAnomaly no longer spams E is NaN.
* Conic patch creation is a little more efficient.
* Ignore G spike on the frame where SoIs switch.
* Orbit reported position will no longer be a frame ahead of velocity.

Misc. Fixes:
* [KSPedia] Fixed Bug with KSPedia asset bundle Dependancies.
* Fixed symmetric part stage icons not expanding in stage manager.
* Fixed Quicksave filename accessibility.
* Fixed Multiple core heat producers not being properly cooled by radiator panels.
* Fixed NRE when trying to overwrite or cancel out of save folder overwrite dialog.
* Fixed E is NaN! tA: (pi) spam with some generated contracts.
* Fixed Flags no longer displaying properly in the Tracking Station Info Box..
* Fixed Flag transparency issues in editor.
* Fixed Science lab spamming the log with "Updating" warnings whenever right-click menu is open.
* Fixed funds penalties not being applied when Hiring Kerbals.
* Fixed being unable to rename vessels via Knowledge Base.
* Fixed NRE in ModuleGrappleNode.Release when parent is null.
* Fixed UI_ChooseOption - onFieldChanged being called even when the field value hasn't changed.
* Fixed Body lift missing when loading the Physics.cfg file.
* Fixed Parts Tooltip window location being misplaced when changing UI scale.
* Fixed issue with the sea level pressure display in the Knowledge Base.
* Fixed an exception in PartModule OnLoad and OnStart causing vessel load failure.
* Fixed a NaN in FlightIntegrator atmospheric thermo.
* Fixed issue in Moment of Inertia calculations.
* Fixed Rocket Exhaust FX not being moved by FloatingOrigin/Krakensbane when emitters are disabled.
* Fixed missing parachute deployment sound.
* Fixed VesselModules not being properly destroyed when a vessel object is destroyed.
* Fixed unit tests from main menu causing every test to be run 4 times.
* Fixed having an abstract UnitTest type causing TestManager to throw an exception.
* Fixed regression that was causing global gravity to be non-zero, which should help with phantom drifting, especially with wheels.
* Fixed a logical issue causing crew rotation objectives to be much rarer than intended on station and outpost contracts.
* Fixed staging requiring two activation's when resuming in flight mode.
* Fixed navigation waypoint getting stuck if a survey is killed in the middle of the flight scene.
* Fixed Waypoint Markers not showing on Navball in IVA view.
* Fixed potential error from generating if attempting to IVA an EVA kerbal that has just been loaded outside of a vessel.
* Fixed RCS TorqueProvider implementation to take thrust limiting and alternate precision mode into account.
* Fixed an issue where the NBS dialog was not resetting its coordinates properly.
* Fixed reported typos and grammatical issues in various areas of the game.
* Fixed ITargetable FlightCoMTracker.GetVessel always returning null.
* Fixed Asteroids all spawning with a mass of 150t, regardless of class.
* Fixed race condition with map filters causing asteroids to be invisible in new games until they were modified.
* Fixed asteroids sometimes appearing to be pitch black while being seemingly immune to light when rotated at certain angles.
* Adjusted science data collection range of Mk1 cabin to match other science options.
* Kerbals can no longer "Take surface sample" while in command seat.
* Fairing base purchase and entry costs adjusted to vary by size.
* Part Action Window for symmetric parts no longer needs modkey to open when a sibling window is open.

Misc. Tweaks:
* [Modding] Additional access to fields in Mission Control.
* [EVA, Gameplay] R&D upgrade text adjusted.
* Added onVesselCrewWasModified, which consolidates many events in which crew changes on a specific vessel. Use this to fix a few issues with crew rotation objectives.
* Added ITargetable.GetActiveTargetable, which allows us to specify if a target should be allowed on something that is part of the active vessel.
* Added AeroFXIgnore layer so some parts (Gigantor e.g.) can have parts of their model ignored by AeroFX. Fixes an issue with odd Aero FX streamers.
* Added "EVA" layer, added it to various cameras, physics casts, lights, and collision matrices to behave exactly like normal parts, except suspension raycasts ignore it entirely. Prevents violent interactions when kerbals touch wheels.
* Added alwaysRecomputeLift to ModuleControlSurface so it can be set to not ignore slight actuation.
* Added wheel weight stress and slip stress multipliers to game settings, allowing players that do not want these stresses to disable them globally.
* Added onCommandSeatInteraction GameEvent, and deployableSeated to science experiments. Use these to disable scooping up surface samples when seated.
* Added Felipe to crew name generation.
* Satellite contract orbit generation made much more modular and maintainable, allowing us to validate generated orbits now. If an orbit parameter becomes corrupt through save manipulation or other means, that parameter can be regenerated without affecting the rest of the orbit.
* Clarify R&D facility upgrade text to make it clear that Kerbin is still fair game for surface samples without the astronaut complex upgrades.
* Crew Transfer more moddable.
* Game is now paused going to MissionControl, AstronautComplex, Admin, R&D and unpaused when closing them.
* Renamed Telus ladder to Kelus Ladder to avoid naming conflicts.
* Improvements to flag rendering in KB.
* Improvements in Tutorial input locks and Error checking
* Adjustments to the Repair/Downgrade costs of the Facilities
* Changed "Cancel warp" to use forward slash instead of Esc.
* When repaired, wheels become temporarily immune to weight and slip stresses, slowly rising back to normal over a period of between 30 to 90 seconds.
* Reduction in the creation of Garbage Objects in Flight scene.
* Reduction in the creation of Garbage Objects in Space Center.
* Optimize Part.GetConnectedResources and Vessel.GetActiveResources for speed and to not create garbage.
* Dramatically improve resolution of asteroid textures, while simultaneously improving their shader performance by 400%. New shader can have very subtle desaturated brown/red hues sometimes.

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Update 1.2 has entered Experimental testing!
Тема с фишками обновления. (Hype Train Thread (Choo-choo))

Опять моды обновлять.(

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1.2 Pre-release
У меня бисера не доxеpа.

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1.2 выходит 11 октября
Также из команды сваливают 7 разработчиков. В том числе Romfarer и Porkjet - люди которые пришли в разработку из комьюнити.
Assuming direct control
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Час до релиза 1,2. Обещают какой-то эвент Улыбка
Трещит земля как пустой орех
Как щепка трещит броня
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Выпущен официальный синематик трейлер 1.2 Loud and Clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcaiqlTpfHI
Трещит земля как пустой орех
Как щепка трещит броня

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1.2 Вышла!
У меня бисера не доxеpа.
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Релиз 1.2 благополучно появился.

На Стиме.

 Адовый чейнжлог адов   (кликните здесь для просмотра)
=================================== v1.2.0 ============================================================
+++Unity 5.4
* Engine change from 5.2 to 5.4.0p4

+++Libraries and Packages

* Implemented Text Mesh Pro, which basically vectorizes all of our fonts, making them look much better, especially at larger font sizes. Also has a lot of extra utility that we can leverage for various effects.
* Upgraded Vectrosity to latest version.
* Upgraded Vehicle Physics Pro to latest version.

+++Code cleanup
* Heavily reduced garbage generation caused by foreach loops, Linq usage, and various other things.
* Made sure that all of our singleton classes properly clean themselves up.
* Optimized KerbalEVA.
* Rewrote CrewManifest and related crew handling (roster, vessel crew list, etc).
* Optimized PartModules.
* Optimize latitude/longitude/altitude calls to often use a combined get-all method.
* Fix how some enumerator interfaces are declared in classes.
* Optimized waypoint site name generation to generate a lot less garbage with its string lists.
* Many part modules now cache parts instead of polling the entire vessel multiple times per frame.
* Revised how most forces and torques are applied (see note on this subject below in Moddability).
* Added DoubleCurve
* ScenarioModules now awake and load during game load and so are valid in modules' OnStart.
* Considerable work to Krakensbane and FloatingOrigin to improve precision and performance and lower garbage.
* Various ISRU fixes and performance improvements.
* Default KSPEvents and KSPActions to being nonpersistent in terms of state. This means all their fields won't be serialized/deserialized to and from the save game files.
* Now always use g0 = 9.80665 and G (big G) = 6.67408e-11 for gravitational constants.

+++Flow Overhaul
* Rewrote resource flow entirely. Now just four flow modes. Can set per-tank priority for all but AllVessel and NoFlow. Surface crossfeed for rocket engines as well as jets. Fixed priority issues. Much faster. PartResources no longer MonoBehaviours. Can set crossfeed per attach node. Electric Charge now uses STAGE_PRI so can be prioritized. Resource transfer in flight can be set to require valid crossfeed for those resources which obey crossfeed. With Advanced Tweakables on, can see flow graph in VAB/SPH (right-click on a part).

* Fixed SAS unlocking for all ships in physics range when maneuvering the ship in focus.
* The code for the older “Stability Assist” and somewhat newer “Pilot Steering” modes has been unified.
* SAS now dynamically adjusts for the vessel’s mass properties and available control authority.
* SAS uses a “stability decay” method to reduce oscillations (or twitching) when very near the target orientation.
* Pilot Steering modes now include a “coast” and “stop” mode when transitioning between steering points.

* WheelColliders are now properly handled by collision manager, and no longer require the wheel "blocking" workaround to clip into other parts.
* Fix hill "sticking" force overcompensating, resulting in a not so slow drift uphill when parked on one with wheels or legs.
* Wheel deployment modules now search along the animation timeline upon retraction for the time closest to where the wheel suspension is located, instead of starting from 100%. This fixes the hop when retracting landing legs.
* Added tweakable that allows player to specify whether his wheels deploy while shielded in a cargo bay.
* Fix landing legs being exported to the wrong collision layer.
* Wheel gravity is now properly handled in a standard manner, which should fix a good deal of instability.
* Fix EVA kerbals blowing up wheels on contact. They now go through them.
* Fixed landing legs teleporting from a semi-deployed state to a semi-retracted state when retracted.
* Wheel damage does not process damage for two seconds after a vessel loads, prevents spontaneous explosions.
* Suspension colliders are no longer disabled for 0.5 seconds upon retract, causing them to fall through the ground momenarily, blowing up your engines.
* Deployable landing gear and legs now have deployment sounds.

+++Communications Networks
* Additional functionality and gameplay components to the Antenna and Probe parts through a series of distinct but related mechanics. When CommNet is enabled, probes will require a connection back to Kerbin or to a control point to have full control, and crewed vessels lacking pilots will have slightly limited control without such a connection. Relays can extend the range of such connections and bounce signals around planets and moons that would otherwise occlude. Science transmission receives a bonus for high signal strength. New antenna parts allow building complex networks, which can be visualized in map view. See KSPedia for more details.

* Added KerbNet, which allows the player to see terrain under their satellite, and place custom waypoints with a targeting interface. Allows the player to see biomes and anomalies at higher levels. Scan field of view for KerbNet varies by part and smoothly changes between surface altitude and orbital altitude.
* KerbNet allows all probes and labs manned by a scientist to map as long as they have a communications network connection that eventually bounces to Kerbin.
* Gave KerbNet visibility modes to hide some of the interface around the map.
* Gave KerbNet auto-refresh settings to allow it to refresh without player intervention.
* Gave KerbNet enhanced mode, which activates on some vessels such as rovers to give them better sensors in certain situations.
* Add game option that allows KerbNet to either orient to the orbit normal, preventing flipping when passing over the poles, or to orient to north, which is less disorienting for some players.
* Many aspects of KerbNet given flavor and fluff. Scanning a sun results in yellow and white noise, scanning a gas giant is similar except hued based on that planet. Stars and scan static can appear in the background past the horizon of a scan.
* Resources can specify a scientific abbreviation. Utilized in KerbNet for the mode icon.

+++Debug Window
* Completely overhauled the debug window to utilize new Unity GUI.
* New debug console has syntax highlighting that highlights classes with persistent pastel colors if they bracket their names. [Bracket] your class names in debug logs modders.
* New debug console has command input support which is moddable, type /help for a full listing of commands, and what they do.
* Added new debug screen for creating kerbals with specific names, genders, skills, levels, and classes.
* Debug options for displaying errors/exceptions as screen messages.
* Added set orbit debug cheat screen.
* Added rendezvous controls to set orbit debug cheat screen.

* All anomalies (ObT, mean anomaly, eccentric anomaly, true anomaly) are now consistently negative when approaching the periapsis for both elliptical and hyperbolic trajectories (previously, only hyperbolic trajectories used negative anomalies). This means that eccentric anomaly and true anomaly are now in the range -pi..pi instead of 0..2pi for elliptical trajectories.
* Reference frames instead of quaternions are used for calculating orbital position and velocity, leading to increased speed when rendering patched conics.
* Improved precision in orbit calculations.
* Rewrote orbit targeting / closest approach finding.
* Fixed issues where objects jump when going on and off rails.
* Fix target orientation markers when the target is on rails.
* Refactored such that orbital position and velocity and vessel position and velocity are correct for the FixedUpdate cycle.
* Made target relative velocity work for celestial bodies.
* Trajectories that re-encounter a body just escaped are now detected.
* Trajectories that encounter two bodies now correctly show the first encounter even if it is further out (eg, Mun stealing a Minmus encounter).
* Elliptical encounter trajectories no longer flicker.
* Conic patch settings (draw mode and limit) are now exposed in the Video Settings.
* Added game option for legacy orbit targeting.
* Map node labels space themselves out nicely when cluttered.
* Targeting info for moons in other SoIs now works.

* Contracts are now also weighted by celestial body, so if the player starts declining contracts to Jool, they will see them less often.
* Contracts now keep track of if they have been viewed. There are three states: unseen, seen but not clicked, and clicked and read.
* Contract weighting now applies negative weight if a contract has been viewed when it expires.
* Exploration contracts now always appear in Mission Control if there is not one currently available.
* Explore contracts overhauled, they now utilize the same logic World Firsts used to use to select a "package" of related objectives. They can appear multiple times per planet now, and should have a much more logical progression than they used to.
* Exploration contract progression slowed slightly, now requires science on a planet before allowing a fly by of the next one. Also, in the early game, return from orbit and return from fly by are required before advancing on the Muns of the homeworld.
* Removed old single objective World First contracts, other than the initial four.
* Waypoint captions for survey contracts now state the altitude band of each waypoint.
* Fix contract orbits not cleaning up properly when their contracts are cancelled as opposed to completed.
* Grand tour contracts now require a new vessel to complete, so they cannot be cheesed by keeping one around that has seen every planet.
* Fix contextual surveys not properly bouncing the navigation waypoint.
* Asteroid recovery objective reworded and given a note for clarity.
* Asteroid side objectives in facility construction contracts will now not appear unless the same requirements for asteroid recovery contracts to appear are met.
* Crew transfer progress tracking objective reworded to make it clear that it does not need to utilize existing crew.
* Reworded objective to hold above a waypoint in stationary orbit contracts for clarity.
* If Kerbal G limits are enabled, tourists can either require going unconscious or require not going unconscious during the trip. Check the parameter details!
* Adjusted Exploration contract flavor text to work better in multi-objective scenarios.

* Biomes for many bodies have been redesigned for clarity, beauty, and utility. And we've hidden a few extra surprises around as well!

+++Easter Eggs
* Added hidden fun stuff to almost every planet.
* Mohole given an empty PQSCity, which allows it to appear in KerbNet.
* Gave many easter eggs colliders.
* Fix Duna's SSTV not playing.
* Unburied Duna's MSL.

+++Other Work
* Advanced Tweakables option in Gameplay Settings. With it off, some advanced features are hidden. Defaults off.
* Autostrutting available for all parts (AT).
* Autostruts can be gated behind a technology in career and science mode defined in Physics.cfg, by default it is the same technology regular struts are on.
* Add grandparent mode to auto-struts.
* Parachutes can have automatic holding of deployment until safe (AT).
* Actuation toggles now affect symmetry counterparts in editor (some other RCS/gimbal bits do too). Also hidden under Advanced Tweakables (AT).
* Utilize HSV color space in more locations.
* Quadrupled the amount of loading screen messages. You know, the important stuff.
* Loads of new options in the difficulty settings.
* Science data can be transferred by the part-part transfer mechanic (for certain probe cores).
* Added physics easing for when landed/splashed vessels come off rails.
* Certain probe cores (and the new science container part) can transfer data with no EVA required.
* There is an additional drag curve whose function is to raise drag coefficient to a power based on the mach number. This leads to blunter things having (relatively) more drag supersonic than they did and pointier things having (relatively) less than they did. Pods will slow down better on steep reentries and planes will produce drag in better proportion to how streamlined they are (less overpowered airplane drag).
* Fairings now include support for placing multiple payloads in them (and showing trusses for said payloads).
* Tourist contracts work better with the Kerbal Gee Tolerance option.
* Add a small negative contract weight for contracts that are read but not accepted.
* Existing resource narrow band scanner ported to KerbNet interface, allowing it to zoom, among other things.
* Removed biome readout information and flag rendering on narrow band scanner.
* Added ellipsis to many text labels and fields, to prevent overflow while looking nice.
* Input keys in the settings screen automatically expand with screen resolution.
* Default parachute deployment mode set to "when safe" - players everywhere rejoice.
* All tooltips cooked to a nice golden color.
* Added Viewmatic Survey Satellite stock relay craft.
* Added /b4d455 command, which starts a game off with basically everything.
* Background ambiance in the space center scene now fades smoothly between birds by day and crickets by night.
* Background ambiance in the space center scene now fades out when at max time warp.
* Background ambiance in general no longer always starts at zero, it randomly seeks when the scene loads. Hence, loading a game no longer immediately plays the exact same bird trill.
* Most stock planes given a look over based on player feedback.
* Added editor part categories for ground, electrical, communication, thermal, payload, and coupling parts.
* Screen message text given much higher visibility.
* Facilities in the space center now have verbose context menus in sandbox mode, allowing you to see their upgrades. They always show the maximum level of upgrades.
* "Require Complete" on antennae is now persistent and its state is saved.
* Added community contest winner kerbal and unique waypoint names.
* Camera can now be pointed at parts, not just vessel center of mass.
* Added Plane and Relay vessel types/icons.
* Airbrakes now have deployment limits.
* Rebalance fairing panel mass downwards slightly.
* Difficulty options for limiting part pressure and G-force tolerance.
* Difficulty option for kerbal G-force tolerance. Kerbals go unconscious if their tolerance is exceeded.
* Slight performance tweaks to some early 1.25m engines.
* Swap around some early science parts in the tech tree.
* Redid Eve's atmospheric pressure curve to smooth it out and remove errors. Eve's atmosphere thins out much faster now, so the high atmosphere is thinner. Also tweaked Jool's atmosphere so it rapidly goes from 15 atmospheres to 50 in the last few kilometers to achieve crushing pressures.
* Can right-click on icons in the staging list to trigger the Part Action Window.
* Support Rigid Attachment (non-bendy) option for part joints in cfg and in the PAW.
* Added an "Action Groups Always Allowed" advanced difficulty option.
* Add 0.625m heat shield.
* Lift from capsules and heat shields better handled to make lifting reentries better (easier).
* Restructured in-flight pause menu to better show all options.
* Don't lock all controls when using Warp To, only some.
* Fix terrain vanishing at 1000m depth.
* Allow targeting of close vessels by double-clicking.
* Angle the canopies of parachutes in symmetry away from each other.
* Resource transfer rate when transferring between parts now based on ingame time (taking warp into account) not realtime.
* Fix issues with TR-2L stats.
* Show tooltips on kerbal portraits.
* Fix scientist skill text.
* Fix issue with ladders not being re-grab-able if you board a seat, retract a ladder, leave the seat, then extend the ladder.
* Update maneuver node patches (for targeting) when the vessel target changes.
* The runway lights now follow the day/night cycle.
* Moved a low tech wheel to a lower tech tier.
* Moved an atmospheric sensor down to the science tech branch.

+++Misc Fixes and Changes
* Fixed issue where disabled RCS would enable during staging. Mods need to set stagingEnabled=False in their ModuleRCS blocks (unless they want staging on).
* Catch exceptions during part loading so the loading process doesn't come to a halt.
* Fix some issues with decouple modules, allow specifying the ejection force vector.
* Try/catch the other PartModule update loops so one bad module doesn't interrupt others.
* Don't try to set constant KSPFields.
* Null check when getting resource mass on unloaded vessels with removed resources.
* Remove some debug spam when querying Science Subjects by ID.
* Fix Resource Display to show all resources correctly.
* Improve launch clamp stability on revert.
* Fix an issue with ModuleTripLogger not applying to kerbals in non-root parts.
* Ablative shields with Ablator tweaked down in the VAB no longer show up pre-scorched in flight.
* Ablative shields no longer show solid black when reaching zero ablator.
* Fix serious regression with flow multipliers in ModuleEnginesFX.
* Fix a wrong rotation in Moment of Intertia calculations.
* Correct stock temperature gauges to use gauge threshold.
* Fixed currency symbols not displaying properly when UI scale is changed by using inline Text Mesh Pro sprites.
* Probe cores now have a hibernate feature which offers only partial control when activated but draws much less electricity. Can be set to automatically hibernate in warp (advanced tweakable).
* Added a game setting for default throttle (rather than keeping it in Physics.cfg).
* Fix bug where space center view can be messed up on loading a save from the main menu if the game was switched away from during load (old workaround was clear the input locks).
* Renamed Science Tech to Scanning Tech since that's what it's for.
* Fixed where CoPOffset and CoLOffset had CoMOffset added to them during application.
* Fixed where an exception during loading of parts would stop the game loading.
* IVA navball works like normal navball (vectors hidden when velocity is too small, radial and normal cues show only in Orbit mode).
* Fix an issue where prop requirement met (on engine menus) was not being intuitively correct. See note in Moddability, below, for how to update jet parts.
* Fix kerbals sliding on ladders.
* For EVA kerbals, 'SAS' light shows whether the kerbal will reorient when a translate key is pressed (as set in Input Settings). T toggles this behavior when in EVA mode.
* Several dialogs (such as quicksave) now accept Escape and Enter keys for dismissing or accepting contents. Science reports accept Tab to cycle messages.
* Quicksave and Quickload hotkeys (F5/F9) work in KSC view.
* The VAB/SPH part search tool now clears when pressing Escape.
* Crossfeed toggle module can now require a technology researched to enable itself. Radial decouplers now cannot toggle crossfeed until Fuel Systems.
* Fixed loader info in saves to not contaminate a stock save if you load a modded save while playing pure stock.
* Can toggle whether navball hides going into map view.
* Can now use antenna's Start Transmission action in control groups.
* Added ability to register credit for Kerbal experience gains in the MPL
* When a Kerbal plants a flag, credit is given to all landed/splashed Kerbals in physics range. Prevents the need to have flag-planting parties with large crews.
* Made celestial bodies rotate in the R&D archives again
* Updated in flight Pause Menu to include Load, Save and Exit options
* Updated in flight quickloads to show more detailed load dialog
* Fix CBAttributeMapSO (biome detection) to use only nearby biomes as candidates, not all biomes.
* Fix for vessels not retaining targets on quickload
* Fix for targeting hanging up in limbo state when reverting to launch
* Fix for losing targeting when switching vessels (such as when docking)
* Targeting properly restores for individual parts (i.e. docking ports) during quickload and vessel switching
* Fix for Tracking station list deselcting active vessel on list changes
* Fix for Map filter hiding the current and/or targetted vessel
* Fix an issue with stars fading in/out instantly.
* Add lift and drag displays back to wings/control surfaces.
* Fix some EVA state issues not updating correctly, leading to kerbals getting stuck 'floating'.
* Retractable landing gear produce less drag than they used to when retracted and much more when extended.
* Enable staging toggling on fairings.
* Fix ModuleSAS in standalone mode using real time not game time for resource requests.
* Properly format facility name in editor exit dialog.
* Stopping near things no longer keeps EVA interaction messages open in map.
* Corrected usage of the word "topology" in ScienceDefs.
* Settings screen does not actually set the resolution unless the resolution actually changes.
* Mark 2 docking port given the same tooltips as other docking ports.
* World First speed, distance, and altitude records can no longer be set while in a prelaunch state.
* Fix engineer report entries not updating when their icons change.
* Fix Skywinder stock vessel having no description.
* Fix typos in stock "SatelliteLauncher" craft file.
* Fix early game progression cheat not unlocking the science progress node.
* Manufacturer added to mystery goo.
* Part search now splits search terms on dashes, fixing searches for several engine designations, and things like "Convert-O-Tron".
* Version text made more visible in experimental builds.
* Using curly braces in a vessel name no longer obliterates the universe.
* Resource scanners now show "0%" rather than "Unknown" if the area is known, but the resource abundance is super low.
* Remove roll torque on docking ports (by default).
* Fix pod lights not being in Lights action group by default.
* Fix some zeroed attachment vectors on parts leading to log spam.
* Fix drag from struts and fuel lines.
* Vessel G-force is now reported correctly when on rails.
* Fix issue with ModuleDeployablePart (and solar panels, which derive from it) always reporting multiple drag cubes even when the animation isn't the panel's and it doesn't track the sun.
* Fix long-standing bug with FlightLogger not logging Gs right.
* Fix missing manufacturer for Mystery Goo.
* Ion engine now has resource bars, and will leave a tiny bit of EC remaining when drawing EC so the vessel can still be controlled.
* Fix issue with ladder tests in Engineer's Report.
* Fix explosions moving with vessel.
* Fix issue with command seat and docking port joints.
* Fix vessel counts in vessel type filters.
* Fix shielded docking ports to not be stageable.
* Fix issue where parts would play their staging FX on load, not just on staging.
* Fix an issue with zero drag area breaking physics.
* Deactivate Lab if it is activated and no scientists are present.
* Improve stars' fade-in-fade-out during dawn and dusk.
* Fix issue where loading an unloaded vessel with a converter will lead to it not processing all ore.
* Default to not logging (to flight logger or to the log file) when engine exhaust heats a part.
* Show negative funds and negative altitudes (depth) by turning the widget red.
* Fix issue with screen rotating when KSP is not the active application.
* Ignore launch clamps when getting craft size for facility checks.
* Fix CoP/CoL on two fins being off.
* When finding first vessel control source, require crewed parts to also have the command module on them before they are valid candidates.
* IVA radar altitude gauge shows height from seabed when underwater.
* Fix initial rotation of LT-1 and LT-2 landing legs.
* Don't allow docking port shields to be closed while docked.
* RCS thrust forces array properly zeroed when RCS is not firing.
* Fix Offset Gizmo issue for surface mounted parts with colliders that don't cover the entire visual model (like the LY-01). They will no longer jump when an offset is attempted.
* Fix vessels/kerbals landed on other vessels teleporting to the ground on load.
* Fix issue with a kerbal targeting a vessel and boarding it leading to maneuver node functionality being broken.
* Fix wrong vessel being made dominant during docking if the docking is so fast as to skip the acquire phase.
* Fix Aero FX being improperly applied to some explosion FX causing square particles and slowdown.
* Fix planet orbits sometimes not responding to clicks (or responding when clicked off-orbit).
* Empty science containers (or containers with limited capacity) may show experiment count/capacity.
* Fix problems with sliding maneuver nodes.
* Fix landing legs exploding when landing on Gilly.
* Fix handling of mouse interaction with solar escape trajectories (for maneuver node placement).
* Fix bad things happening when quickloading while warping.
* Fix IVA overlay button not always responding.
* Fix offset target markers when more than 200m away.
* Tweaks to wheel autoboost to help with wheels.
* Increased allowable gizmo offset when holding SHIFT.
* Fix bug when transferring fuel from an empty to an empty tank (causing the universe to come unglued).
* Added highlighter brightness factor to game settings.
* Added settingsload and settingssave commands to debug console.
* Added highlighter colors to settings.cfg so they can be edited as well.
* Added in flight UI for highlighter setting.
* Add Mouselook mapping to settings screen.
* Add shielding status to parts.
* Add Lights to MPL.
* Fix occlusion shielding radius values for Cargo Bays.
* Add version stamps to save files for version save created in and version last saved in.
* Fix issue with WarpTo orbit jumping.
* Add "Always show closest approach for target" markers option.
* Fix AppLauncher not having global scale applied.

API Docs: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/index.html
* Added FlightGlobals.VesselsLoaded and FlightGlobals.VesselsUnloaded which lets us iterate over a specific portion of Vessels without checking the entire list.
* Added onVesselPartCountChanged event, fires any time a part is added or removed, the moment it happens, unlike onVesselModified.
* Added onVesselStandardModification event, collects various vessel events and fires them off with a single one. (onVesselPartCountChanged, onVesselModified, docked, undocked, et al)
* Added onScreenResolutionModified event, fires when the screen resolution is modified.
* Added many accessors/setters.
* Vessel control level can be clamped to a field in Vessel (so can be restricted to Partial even if otherwise would be Full).
* GetModuleMass/Cost methods can now be passed the situation.
* Fix where kerbal mass (if set to nonzero) was not applied in the editor.
* Added two new dictionary-related classes (DictionaryValueList and ListDictionary).
* Celestial bodies now cache all of their PQS Cities.
* All game root nodes now generate a random persistent seed, which is different from game to game.
* All forces on valid parts except wheel forces are now done via Part.AddForce/Torque/AddForceAtPosition. Note that the forcemode used is Force; to use a different forcemode, convert the force to the correct amount. It is the job of the Flight Integrator to then apply all these forces to actual rigidbodies (rather than all the disparate modules' job).
* Use mass-weighted average angular velocity of parts for vessel angular velocity.
* ITorqueProvider now reports two Vector3s, positive torque (that produced by control actuation 1,1,1) and negative torque (that produced by -1,-1,-1).
* Added various accessors.
* Node definitions can take an extra digit after size, either 0 or 1: that sets whether the node can crossfeed. Defaults to 1 (yes). NODE definitions can take crossfeed = True/False
* ModuleEngines now supports `clampPropReceived = True`. This will clamp the ratio of propellant requested based on prior results, so if IntakeAir is listed first and less than the full requirement is returned, it will request only that ratio of further propellants. In this case the "Prop Req Met" display will show the minimum requirement-met ratio rather than the average. Engines that use IntakeAir (or other cases like that) need to have `clampPropReceived = True` in each of their MODULEs that do that, and need to have that PROPELLANT first and the other PROPELLANTs later. See stock jet cfgs for examples.
* Added another crew transfer event.
* Added more startup options for KSPAddon
* Allow kerbals to have/save/load arbitrary experience points.
* ResearchAndDevelopment.GetTechnologyTitle(string id) will convert a tech ID to a tech title and is available as soon as parts start loading (can be used in GetInfo() ).
* Support max pressure (dynamic + static), `maxPressure`, and max G, `gTolerance`, for parts.
* Added system to allow mods to add custom difficulty settings.
* Added CelestialBody.hasSurface so mods that add a PQSController to gas giant don't cause silly things such as "Plant a flag on Jool" contracts.
* Replaced all checks for experience traits (Pilot, Scientist, Engineer) with individual experience effects. They are now loaded before part loading so can be queried in GetInfo().
* Icons in TechTree.cfg can now use a relative path (allows mod icons to live outside the Squad directory).
* Added KSPAssemblyDependencyEqualMajor as an attribute. Use instead of KSPAssemblyDependency if you want to force requiring the stated major version, not >= the major version, from your dependency.
* If you are setting a vessel's position and/or changing its orbit, call Vessel.IgnoreGForces(framecount) on the vessel for the number of frames that g forces should be ignored (try 1, then 2 if that doesn't work, etc).
* ModuleDeployablePart (covers antennas, solars, radiators) also has a gResistance (for Gs) as well as windResistance (for Q).
* Crew transfer now derives from a generic abstract PartItemTransfer class. Classes can derive from it to implement any kind of (crew transfer-style) part-part transfer. Also we fire an event right before a crew transfer is created so mods can just kill it and easily create their own CrewTransfer-derived class and have that be called on that event.
* Extended ModuleScienceContainer to allow sending and, (from ModuleScienceExperiment) receiving, experiment data. Also added support for a Collect All option to such containers.
* ModuleColorChanger supports changing arbitrary shader colors and implements IScalarModule. ModuleAnimationSetter works similarly and is used to more directly link an animation to being set by IScalarModule.
* PartModules now support upgrades. In a MODULE node, add an UPGRADE node. Inside that add one node per techID you wish to provide upgrades, in ascending order. Inside that place keys and nodes you wish to upgrade. e.g. `UPGRADES { basicRocketry { maxThrust = 250 } }` will change maxThrust to 250 once basicRocketry unlocks. Upgrades will never override persistent data. Further, by default they overwrite each other; to make a node apply on a clean slate (so you can, say, add two PROPELLANT nodes and not have them conflict due to the overwrite logic) set `IsExclusiveUpgrade__ = True` in the upgrade's node. That will clear the upgrade state and apply that upgrade fresh. Upgrades are applied only when you add a part to a craft in the VAB/SPH, they don't magically apply in flight. When a part on a craft is upgraded, a new option will appear in the PAW (when in VAB/SPH) where you can view the current stats of all those modules with upgrades.
* ModuleEngines now supports alternate (RealFuels-style) throttling and rates.
* ModuleEngines now supports throttle-Isp interactions. Turn on with useThrottleIspCurve = True and set the throttleIspCurve and throttleIspCurveAtmStrength curves. Final Isp = input Isp * Lerp(1, throttleIspCurve.Eval(throttle state), throttleIspCurveAtmStrength.Eval(atms of pressure))
* Support part upgrades, see docs.
* Added events dealing with kerbals going on/off ladders on parts and added a new vessel field for accessing the vessel of the part of the ladder the kerbal is climbing (if all of those are valid).
* CelestialBody now has thermo/atmo stats methods so FlightIntegrator's temperature calcs can be called from anywhere / any mod.
* Events that throw an exception now print the full stack trace.
* PartModuleUtil.PrintResourceSI() is now just KSPUtil.PrintSI().
* Add ModuleDragAreaModifier with field areaFactor. Note: this will also affect buoyancy and thermo.
* Added ModuleHeatEffects and FXModuleThrottleEffects which can take any number of IScalarModules and are set by skin temp and throttle respectively.
* AvailablePart.entryCost is now get-only and calls a static delegate so they can be
* FindEngineNearby and FindEngineInterface are now PartModuleList methods instead of being duplicates in FXModuleAnimateThrottle and ModuleAlternator.
* Many KerbalEVA, Kerbal, and KerbalExpressionSystem methods made virtual, and kerbal spawning in ProtoCrewMember and EVA spawning in FlightEVA made delegates.
* Added IContractObjectiveModule, which allows mods to specify valid parts for contract objectives, rather than it being configuration based.
* Waypoint captions on the map are now moddable.
* Added game events for CommNet status changes both for the connection in general and the connection to KSC.
* Added game event that fires when PQS starts, just before the sphere is started.
* Added game event that fires when PQSCities start.
* Added game event for orbital resource survey completion.
* Added game event for vessel control state changing.
* Orbit now has a constructor that clones another orbit.
* Vessel now has a method to kill all parts in permanent ground contact (eg: launch clamps).
* Added ModuleGenerator.isGroundFixture for launch clamps.
* The "escape" progress milestone now uses standard World First award methods, which allows it to be disabled by mods properly.
* Icon_Hidden tag now hides all children of the transform so tagged.
* Add requiresFullControl to events, actions, and UI controls. If false, will work normally in full and partial control and refuse to work only with no control. If true, will work only with full control.
* AssemblyLoader ignores abstract classes.
* Support symbols in the font.
* Made Kerbals and EVA kerbals more moddable. EVAs and the flag now have partial part cfgs which can be modded. All Kerbal and KerbalEVA methods are virtual and the FSM is opened up. New hooks added.
* Made vessel load/unload/pack/unpack ranges changeable in Physics.cfg.
* Support adding options to the game difficulty screen.
* Vessel now has radarAltitude. Use it for min(altitude, heightFromTerrain)
* add PartModule.OnIconCreate which runs just before the partmodule is stripped from the icon gameobject when the editor part icon is being created.
* Particle systems can be registered with FloatingOrigin for handling origin/krakensbane offsetting natively.
* ProtoPartResourceSnapshot no longer relies on strings, and its resourceValues node is now inaccessible. Instead, directly get / set the amount/maxAmount/flowState.
* PartModules now come with a resHandler object (of type ModuleResourceHandler) for handling ModuleResource / RESOURCE nodes, so code need not be duplicated.
* When a landed vessel goes off rails and is detected to be landed on parts, not the ground, it is offset up slightly, controlled by one static Vessel field HeightFromPartOffsetGlobal (default 0.5 meters) and one instance field heightFromPartOffsetLocal (default 0 meters). The vessel is offset upwards the sum of those two fields.
* Fix OnVesselSwitching always sending a null reference, add OnVesselSwitchingUnloaded.
* Allow reference to Kerbal's animator cache and renderer cache.
* Add map toggle interface for mods.
* OrbitTargeter opened up, delegate added for creating the on-click context menus so they can be modded.
* Add delegates so KB apps can be modded.
* Add currency-agnostic CanAfford method.
* Add many more options to ModuleLiftingSurface and for customizing body lift.
* ModuleAnimateGeneric now supports defaultActionGroup.
* ConfigNode now formats float and double values such that no data is lost.
* ConfigNode AddValue/SetValue now support most types.
* Flag decals in IVAs (InternalFlagDecal module)
* Add Crew counts to Vessels

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- CommNet
Система связи а-ля RemoteTech.
Беспилотные аппараты не работают без связи с ЦУПом или кораблём управления. Для управления ими сделаны антенны, как прямой связи, так и релейной, т.е. сигнал может быть передан через другие корабли. Теперь можно и нужно разворачивать группировку спутников или наземных станций для обеспечения непрерывной связи.
Эта механика может быть отключена полностью или включена в щадящем режиме для тех, кто не хочет или не может этим пользоваться.

- KerbNet
Система картографирования а-ля ScanSat, но ванилла-стайл.
Аппараты со сканерами могут просматривать территорию под собой, показывать ландшафт, ресурсы, биомы, объекты и даже пасхалки. Кроме этого можно ставить вейпоинты а-ля WaypointManager.

- Fuelflow System
Расширена система перемещения ресурсов в корабле.
Теперь не нужно связывать навешенные на корпус сбоку бачки трубами для питания из них. Можно назначать приоритеты бакам, чтобы обеспечить определённую последовательность расхода топлива, что важно для сохранения управляемости. Можно даже блокировать возможность ручной перекачки. Шланги остались, но теперь они используются для ограничения направления течения топлива (без них топливо может переливаться в обе стороны, в и из бака).

- Улучшенные колёса
Колёса наконец-то перестали козлить при малой гравитации и нагрузках, и аномально скользить. Кроме этого исключены фантомные силы при клипинге колёс друг в друга или в другие детали.

Помимо этого починили автоколебания SAS и добавили контейнер для данных, который можно использовать как "флешку" для передачи исследований автоматических станций без необходимости качать передачу антенной или везти всю массу исследовательских инструментов до ближайшей лабы.
Трещит земля как пустой орех
Как щепка трещит броня

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Вышла версия 1.2.1

 BugFixes   (кликните здесь для просмотра)

+++ Bug Fixes
* Fix Maneuver Nodes not showing dV when target changes.
* Fix highlighter chewing memory every frame.
* Fix CBs being in different places in 1.2 by adjusting GeeASL.
* Fix engine glow not originating from engine thrust location.
* Fix for non-resettable experiments listing a reset cost.
* Fix KSPedia inaccuracy about reentry friction.
* Fix for drills shutting down when you approach.
* Fix "Mammoth" collider pushing away parts on stage.
* Fix for MysteryGoo container having collider too large.
* Fix for ModuleRCSFX KSPField.
* Fix for contract weights getting messed up in save files.
* Fix for Gas bursts on decouplers being in the wrong place.
* Fix for EVA orientation on lab hatches.
* Removed duplicate "Lowlands" biomes from Mun.
* Fix for revert deleting Messages.
* Removed writing from Mk3->Mk2 adapter.
* Fix for text overflow, etc for flag plaque.
* Miscellaneous KSPedia text tweaks.
* Fix for Subassembly DropZone tooltip not closing.
* Fix for StackGraph not following links across decouplers if one of the decouplers is a root part (Fuel crossfeed issue).
* Fix for ladder slide on Mk1 Inline.
* Fix for ScientistBonus in ModuleScienceConverter being broken.
* Fix loop using wrong iterator in GetModulesImplementingInterface.

+++UI Fixes
* Fix UI Flickering in Editor when lots of parts loaded.
* Fix UI Flickering in MC when lots of Contracts listed.
* Fix for Mapnode text not updating when controls locked.
* Fix for UIScaling applying incorrectly to the AppLancher and apps.
* Fix for asteroid KB Info text wrapping.
* Fix for text missing against some Action Menu items for wheel actions.

+++Miscellaneous Stuff
* Update to Biome Maps for Bop, Gilly and Pol.
* Adjust minimum FoV for enhanced mode on Roverbody and NDS to allow more zoom when landed.
* Add Reset All Settings option to settings.
* Add customizable binding for Editor Scroll Modifier for Zoom - default to left-command for OSX instead of left-shift.
* Add new default binding for precision control of "Return" for OSX instead of capslock.
* Change default camera reset binding to not clash with Abort Action group.
* Change default eva light binding to not clash with translate left.
* Allow mods to circumvent contract weight limits

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Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 is live!

Here's the changelog for this patch:

 Cкрытый текст   (кликните здесь для просмотра)
=================================== v1.2.2 ============================================================
+++ Bug Fixes
* Fix crash to desktop when using Aero Overlay display and Part highlighting in Flight.
* Fix one final GUI flickering issue regarding the Parts List Scrollbar.
* Fix CommNet occlusion multiplier GUI setting.
* Fix to prevent kerbals with existing name being created.
* Fix MPL(Science lab) ladder sliding.
* Fix Grass textures around Research and Development Facility.
* Fix for corrupt save files breaking the resume menu.
* Fix where some science experiments only trigger once on action groups.
* Fix part action menus remaining on screen when switching to the Astronaut complex.
* Fix Building Picker Lines in Space Center not being cleared when application loses focus.
* Fix null reference exception when overwriting SubAssemblies in VAB/SPH.
* Fix resource converters load percentage display not updating after start/stop.
* Fix for several issues with the KSC flagpole outside the Administration Centre.
* Fix for vessel on the Launch pad at Baikerbanur (KSC 2) blocking ability to launch vessels from the KSC.
* Model fixes to the large drill part.
* Fix some more Text overflows in GUI.
* Fix where Fairings Disappears After using settings in flight.
* Fix for strut connectors attaching below surface on SRB-KD25k.
* Fix edge smoothing on Mk1 Inline.
* Fix particle effects on drills.
* Fix asteroid drill mass calculations.
* Fix for selecting/focusing craft that are very late for maneuver nodes.
* Fix for contracts app showing the wrong number of contracts.

+++Modding Stuff
* Add a common base class to all gameevents to allow mods to register and fire their own gameevents.
* Add method for searching for gameevents and mods can register to other mods gameevents.
* Add title to ResourceInfo so we can have a displayname that's not the key.

When a game is saved it now creates an associated metadata file - called .loadmeta alongside the .sfs. This file contains a hash of the sfs save. When the loadgame dialog opens it will compare the hash in the .loadmeta file with the hash of the savegame, and if so it will use the data in the .loadmeta file for the load dialog details instead of parsing the whole save file.

+++Miscellaneous Stuff
* Biome refresh for Ike, Moho and Dres.
* Add Right-Shift as a default secondary binding for editor scroll when not OSX.
* Stop inactive aero/thermal data being shown in the editor scenes.
* Add display format to difficulty options values.
* Vessels now remember active navigation (Waypoints) when loading save games.
* Apply Engineer bonuses to drills and ISRU correctly.
* Update more details in DOxygen api docs.

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Update 1.2.9 Pre-release: Localization Pack is here!

Ожидется оф релиз с локализацией на +4 языка (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Spanish).

Теперь по крайней мере можно переключиться: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaVm7wXxisg

Перевели многое, и но не всё.
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Kerbal Space Program is getting its first ever expansion, called Making History

оно же

KSP Making History

Походу в 1.3 ещё добавляется два пакета. Это

Mission Builder - можно самому собирать разные миссии и делиться ими с другими, прямо через KSP.

History Pack - готовый набор миссий, включенные в поставку, и которые можно выполнять.

А также:
- запчасти;
- кребонавтам по личному парашюту;
- счёт в миссиях.

Expansions всем забесплатно кто приобрёл KSP до апреля 2013.
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Занятная движуха. Давно вынашивал идею миссии-приключения в стиле "Путь К Земле" Пухова, а тут , походу, может инстрУмент подходящий будет.
У меня бисера не доxеpа.
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Сквад реально отжигает в книжке The Kerbal Chronicles.

Так понимаю, там есть художественное описание для паков. А ещё куча забавного контента.
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Появился трейлер на испанском: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN3n3ZHfKN0

Может скоро 1.3 выйдет.
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Странный трейлер - ничего нового не показано, вообще.
У меня бисера не доxеpа.
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Разве что, кроме испанского. Раз трейлер на испанском, значит подразумевается, что в игре есть нативный для них язык - испанский. А это уже всё новое для испанцев, не знающих английский.
Возможно, скоро появится трейлер на русском? Улыбка
ψ Корпус - мать, Корпус - отец! ψ

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